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Spread Cheese Co.



About Us

We’re two sisters who love good food. Cheese just so happens to be the base of our own personal food pyramid. We’ve experimented with them all. Funky, creamy, stinky, crumbly, and then some. Pairing cheese with wine, beer, and other snick-snacky little accoutrements had been our guilty pleasure … until we decided to make it our job.

We created Spread Cheese Co. as a way to share our love of cheese with you. When you come into our little cheese boutique, you can expect to feel welcome and free to ask questions.

Of course, the best part of shopping for cheese is tasting and we highly encourage you to partake! We can make recommendations based on your flavor preferences and hopefully introduce you to some new and adventurous cheeses you haven’t tried before.

Come visit us inside Middletown’s Main Street Market and let us get you exceptionally excited about cheese.


Owners, Lindsey Eberle & Jamie Tomassetti
Located inside of the Main Street Market, downtown Middletown
Offering 70+ domestic and imported cheeses
Customized platters and gift baskets are available