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Heartwood Cabinetry LLC



About Us

Heartwood Cabinetry, a 24-year-old Marlborough business that provides high-quality closets and cabinets, also manufactures and retailers custom cabinets and closets.

The Gerndt’s are looking forward to helping transform each customer’s home into a space that functions perfectly for them. Regardless of what room it is -- kitchen, bath, craft room, office or a space to relax and hang out with family and friends -- they will work to make it a haven from the hectic pace of daily life.

Martin and Christine can be reached at 860-295-0304, and through their website, Updates and more information about their work are at their website and at Heartwood Cabinetry’s Facebook page.

Come by, say hello and let us help you to love your kitchen, love your bath and love your home.