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Radiologic Associates of Middletown



About Us

Middletown Vein & Aesthetic Center has been offering minimally invasive outpatient treatment for varicose and spider veins for years. We provide thorough initial screenings. Varicose vein procedures are a commonly covered treatment option, and we participate with most all insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid.

Dr. Michael Johnson, Board Certified Interventional Radiologist and Anna Gatewood, PA-C, will provide a comprehensive examination including a bilateral leg ultrasound to create an individualized treatment plan for you based upon the ultrasound findings. Based on your results, radiofrequency ablation is an innovative office treatment to treat the root cause of your symptoms. Patients can resume normal activity almost immediately. Ambulatory phlebectomy is also an office procedure for the larger surface varicose veins where needle punctures are so small that stitches are not necessary and there is virtually no scarring. We also offer sclerotherapy and topical laser treatment to painlessly eliminate spider veins of the legs and face.

Patients are increasingly pleased with symptomatic and cosmetic improvement. Due to patient requests, our services, we now offer free aesthetic consultations to help you achieve your desired results. Anti-aging treatments include Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, and Kybella. We also offer affordable laser hair removal, sunspot removal, skin tightening plus laser treatment of nail fungus with our new state of the art laser. Helping you achieve your goals in a trusted, compassionate and innovative medical setting is our goal