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Chapco, Inc. continues to invest in the CT economy. Adds new $1.6m “lights out” technology.

CHESTER, CT, June. 2, 2023: Chapco has announced an additional $1.6m investment in automated work centers at its Denlar Dr. facility.

Chapco, Inc. is a high-performance metal fabrication and contract manufacturing company. Established in 1964, Chapco’s 80+ employees deliver quality metal fabrication solutions to customers from diverse industries across the Northeast Region. Their innovative processes, superior customer service, and single-source capabilities have attracted leading manufacturers in Connecticut, from medical devices and defense to automated retail.

“The addition of the Trumatic 6000 continues our major investment program to improve Chapco’s metal cutting, punching, and bending capabilities,” explains Chief Operations Officer Craig Goodspeed. “We have targeted this investment to enhance Chapco’s position as a leading regional manufacturer.”

Chapco remains a family-owned and operated company. “Our commitment to core values and a culture of excellence permeates our organization. Anyone who partners with us sees it in how we do business and the quality and value of the goods we deliver,” says President Brian Weinstein. “We are very excited to have another state-of-the-art machining center installed here at Chapco. We have always believed in owning the latest and greatest technology and equipment. This additional investment allows us to continue to execute our growth plan in a tight labor market.”

The Trumatic 6000 fiber laser cuts, punches, forms, and engraves sheet metal up to 0.25 inches thick and is designed for scratch-free processing. It features an intuitive laser output control system to cut delicate curves and tight radii accurately and consistently. At the other end of the scale, this combo work center can exert 20 tons of punching force delivered at 1,000 strokes per minute and can run ‘lights out’ 24/7.

The productivity of the solid-state laser is most evident in galvanized mild steel and stainless steel. When cutting these materials, processing speeds are up to six times greater than with a CO2 laser of the same power. The solid-state laser also enables the Trumatic to process non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass, in addition to mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. In addition, rapid tool changeover is affected through the linear magazine, which stores up to 23 tools.

Learn more about Chapco’s automated capabilities and download our brochure below.