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Sales Associate & Market Staff

Posted: 05/01/2023

Cinder + Salt is an eco-friendly, screen-printed apparel brand with a mission to
create fresh, fun fashion with integrity. We operate a zero-waste print shop,
promote sustainable living through our eco-initiatives and create products that
will last for as long as our customers want to wear them. And, we're looking for
passionate, hard working people to join our team.
If you love the planet and live an eco-centric lifestyle, you should apply.

We are currently seeking part-to-full time sales associates to work in our
Middletown and Chatham locations.
Candidates should have a background in, or
passion for fashion & apparel, understand how excellent customer service
translates to customer loyalty, employ creativity & have great interpersonal skills.

Responsibilities include:
- Maintaining brand retail standards throughout the store and at pop-up
- Creating an inviting & engaging shopping experience for our guests
- Employing excellent customer service
- Maximizing retail sales by using our marketing strategies
- Basic store upkeep - water plants, clean windows, sweep, etc
- Traveling to and working pop-up events like farmers markets, art fairs, etc.

Applicants should be passionate about small business, environmental
sustainability & fashion/apparel. Must be self motivated & able to work
independently. Qualified applicants should also have reliable transportation and
be punctual.

- 1-3 years experience in retail and/or sales in an adjacent field (fashion, gift,
- Exceptional communication & customer service skills
- Creative & visual skills and understanding of merchandising principles.
- Strong time management & organizational skills
- A passion for sustainability & eco-friendly living
- Punctuality is important, especially for markets & events!

How Things Shake Out:

Probationary Period
For all sales positions we have a 2-month probationary period to determine if you
and the position are the right fit for each other.

This Is How We Train You:
Week 1: Work in production - assist with all aspects of production in our
Southington printshop. Learn how the printing process works, how we process
shirts, how we manage inventory, etc. You will also be trained on custom printing
services and our wholesale program.
Week 2-3: Work in our retail store - You will be the point person for all walk-in
traffic and you will be assisted by a cinder + salt team member at all times.
Become familiar with our POS software, get familiar with our product line, learn
about our eco-initiatives in store, how to use our website & review upcoming
events/campaigns in the store. Work pop-up markets and events with a cinder +
salt team member and learn how to do off-site events on your own.
Weeks 3-6: Show us whatchu got! Work alongside store managers to assist
customers; show up at events and hit sales goals; have fun & meet new people!

This Is How You Get A Raise:
- We do annual reviews for all team members in December. Raises are
implemented in January.
- Expect an annual COL raise.
- To earn a higher raise, demonstrate a keen commitment to your job role and
value-added personal development. Be able to point to examples of your own
development. (Ex. You take on more projects or you spend time on education to
further your scope of responsibilities. We want to see you actively working to
develop your own skills and grow the company.)
- or...get promoted

This Is How You Get Promoted:
- Demonstrate a mastering of the Sales Associate & Market Staff position.
- Communicate effectively with our team and engage in our company culture
- Demonstrate an ability to prioritize & time manage to meet deadlines
This Is How You Get Fired:
- Consistently showing up late or having little regard for our company
- Demonstrating an inability or lack of desire to do the job you were hired for
- Having a damn-the-man mindset

At cinder + salt we are looking for hard-working, motivated people to join our
team. We don’t believe in working a job for the sake of working a job. We want our
team members to feel called to their role here and to be passionate about the
work they do. We want people who believe in the brand and will work hard to help
grow the brand. In return, cinder + salt will see you, hear you, and reward you for
that effort. If all you care about is the paycheck, this isn’t for you. You should also
care, quite deeply, about the planet, sustainability, small business, equality,
happiness & job satisfaction.